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Tahitian Pearl

Earring / Necklace / Bracelet / Ring

Tahitian Pearl which is also name as BLACK PEARL is an organic gem formed from the black lip oyster. These pearls name are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia around Tahiti. Tahitian pearls comes in different color, it could be blue, purple green, or silver but never comes in black color. Most of the shape comes in circle and baroque. The best Tahitian pearls ( expensive price) will comes in dark green color and peacock tones.

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DIY = Do it as you like

Why? How?

Having tones of pearls, beads in stocks which you cannot think of any ideas? These items will help you out greatly!!!!! They are finished in different materials example: Braided Leather, Round Leather, Rubber or even Stainless Steel Wire. Fit your own pearls or beads by yourself at your shop and customer can also select what they interested in and you just need a simple glue on both side and this makes everybody happy at the same time.

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Silicone Bracelet

The beads reflect your daily mood

Customize your own silicone bracelet. One of most popular style in store, we have design this product to fit with 1.2mm drill hole of beads. For example: Red Tiger Eye, Agate, Pearls, Turquoise… etc. This style comes in many colors you may select from our Color Chart. The best thing of the design is waterproof, you can wear along for swimming, skiing and even daily shower. It can easily be wear by yourself with just simply pull out the pins and the changing of the beads can also fit with your different outfit style per day.

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